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Frequently Asked Questions

We gathered the most common questions asked by our webmasters and we created this list of Frequently Asked Questions. Please read through these first and if you can’t find the answer you need, contact us.

01 - Do I have to upload movies to my member section ?
No you don’t. All the movie files that you download in the content area are already posted to the PornAccess servers. You don’t have to re-upload them to serve them in your member section; all you have to do is link to them as explained on the site .
We provide you with movie files and screen caps so that you can make galleries and other promotional material for your site.
02 - Do I need to download all the movie files I selected in order to build a site ?
You really only need the screen cap images to design your site. However, since the downloadable movie files are very useful in creating promotional material for your sites we recommend that you use them.
03 - Am I allowed to use sample movies on my tour ?
Yes you are, but please be reasonable. Those are sample, so the idea is not to give out the entire clip for free!
04 - Can I use my own content or content that I licensed on PornAccess ?
In general, you must use only PornAccess licensed content on your sites.
However, if you own content and are able to extend a license to PornAccess to use that content on PornAccess.com we may allow you to use that content on your site. You would have to provide PornAccess with a valid legal license to use the content along with model records and all applicable documentation.
Contact us
to explore this option further.
05 - Do I need to update my site ?
By rule, you are not required to update your site. You should consider the fact that frequent site updates are a major incentive for surfers to renew their monthly subscription and since PornAccess pays you for recurring memberships it is in your

Frequently updated sites will receive extra exposure in the PornAccess network main site as recommended sites.
06 - How do I get new content for my site ?
To receive more content in order to update your site please contact us and make a request. New content will be assigned based on sales, traffic, or a reasonable request (we are very nice people, talk to us).
07 - I chose a movie that I don't like, is it possible to exchange it ?
Yes. Please make that request to us. Please note that once a movie is removed from your account you will no longer be able to use it in your members’ area.
08 - Am I allowed to point a domain to my site ?
If you own a domain name identical to your site name on PornAccess you can point your domain at your PornAccess site. This has to be coordinated with the system administrator so please contact us to make this

You site redirection will work as follows:
Your domain: http://www.your-domain.com will redirect to http://www.your-domain.promo.pornaccess.com

The promo directory is a free host space where you can post galleries and other promotional material. By pointing your domain to the promo directory you will be able to post galleries directly under your domain name (they will not appear under PornAccess.com).

You may also use http://www.your-domain.com/index.html to redirect to your site on PornAccess.com by using a meta refresh tag.
09 - What exactly is the Dialer revenues report in the stats ?
PornAccess offers surfers from some countries the option to view your member section through a dialer application. When these sales occur you get credited 50% of the posted charge.
10 - Am I allowed to customize my join page ?

You can create a join.html page that includes the join teaser script, text, images, or any other form of sales pitch which does not misrepresent the PornAccess network.

If you link directly to the join form, (https://secure.pornaccess.com/join.php) the form appears in your template, and you are free to design a template that is consistent with your site design and scheme.

Consult the site creation page explanations regarding templates and their uses.
11 - How do I make changes to my site approved ?
To submit changes for approval use the “site creation” menu “make changes to this site” option. Once you submit the changes the administrator is notified of your request for approval and the request is handled in the speediest manner possible.
12 - Can I use PHP on my site ?
PHP code is not allowed at the moment.
13 - What is the best way to generate traffic for my new PornAccess site ?
Since PornAccess sites mainly feature movies, one of the most beneficial ways of driving traffic to your site is by posting ’s.

PornAccess also allows you to submit your galleries to the database of Free Hosted Galleries that is available to all PornAccess webmasters. These galleries will assist others in the promotion of your site and as you already know, you make money when other people sell your site as well…

Other useful methods of getting free traffic to your site include link trades, banner exchanges, and free link lists.
14 - Why shouldn’t I make my own pay-site instead of using PornAccess ?
There are a number of advantage points to using PornAccess

First and most important is that with PornAccess you invest no money. There is no hosting fee, no bandwidth bill, no billing company and merchant accounts to deal with, and the content and surfer customer support is provided free of charge as well. We always pay you for selling your site no matter what your conversion ratios are or how much traffic you send to your site.

Another advantage to promoting a site in PornAccess is that although you are selling one site, you enjoy the benefit of your site being part of a network. Your surfers get access to every site in the PornAccess network and that is a great selling point with surfers who otherwise would be paying more money to access just one site.
15 - How and When do I get paid ?
We pay twice per month and you can be paid either by check, by wire or even by Epassporte!!
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